Sunday, August 23, 2009

About Our Favourite Beach

I told you many times about this beach. And now I wanted to post here some photos about the splendid area of this place.

When my relatives were here they said first: oh, sea is sea and evey beach is good -it's enough that it is near the sea. But they changed the opinion the same moment when they went out from the car there. You don't need words there. You have only inhale.

First of all this place is too far from all the more or less big
Than there are different kilometers of the pine-eucalipt "belt" long the seaside.

К морю

Here you see eucalipts near the road:

К морю

I repeat this photo just to show you how large the "belt" is:

Господи, есть хоть одно свободное место на море?

The companies and families come there for all the day with tables, BBQ etc. Some hours they pass on the beach and in the hottest hours they eat and sleep in the forest.

К морю

Ohhh!!! This is relax!!!

К морю

And now listen to the voice of sea I registered when we were 2 weeks ago


  1. In Pangkor Island, there is also a beach where very few people go because you have to walk for five minutes through the jungle. My friends and I camped there many years ago and it was very quiet and very dark too at night.

  2. Is it not dangerous to camp in so solitary places? My parents used to camp once too but there were a sort of "towns" of tends in all good places at that time.


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