Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Medieval People Controlled Measures

Кафыедральный Собор

I new about it for many years but could never find time to control if it is the truth or not. They sad, there is a column i the Salernitan Dom where everybody could control if the vendor was correct with him/her.

We hear it from the stories of Jesus.Do you remember how he went in the temple, saw the vendors there and threw all the merchandise on the floor saying that they have not to sell in the house of God. So far I know, the cathedrals were the place for all the activities of the society in the Middle Ages too. Seems they did not read the Bible attentively.

Look at the photo over here. The square and the circle over the door want to say to the visitor that the yard of the cathedral is good for perfect (circle) and non perfect (square) activities. If you enter inside the dom, you will find 2 circles -for perfect activities only.

And here is the column in the yard of the dom where you can see the letters. These letters have to meen "if you have problems with the measures you can control them here". Well, I found the letters but I could not understand "the instructions".

Кафыедральный Собор

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