Monday, August 17, 2009

Burning Mountain In Campania, Italy

This summer was not so dry as in the years before and so the mountains are not burned till today. But now the shepherds begin their bad work. This is what we have see on August, 15, the day of Ferragosto when all the "normal" people had to be on the beach. We do not go there this day because it's unpossible to reach sea this day, and so decided to shop.

The mountain that you see burning is the highest mountain in our zone, it is situated in front of our house. There is n ot problem for us, but the place where there is the fire is the main antenna in the province. You can see it better on the second photo.

Подожгли гору

Подожгли гору

My husband likes to watch TV, he do not imagin the life without it, so I laughed he remained without his best friend now when the antenna is burned.

This year we have new airplanes that put out the fire. There were helicopters with baskets before.

Подожгли гору

On this last photo you see the airplain on work and the poor mountain 2 days later (I took this photo yesterday, on August, 17).

Тушение Огня

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  1. Is it God burning the mountain?

  2. Uhu...God with the name "shepherd"...


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