Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Genographic Dream And The Cancer Genes

Oh yes, if you read my blog for years, you know it: my dream is to discover my origins, to make genographic analisy. First I'm sure it's very-very interesting. My friends do not understand me, sincerely. So much I asked all of them, no one says he/she would make it. Even if for many of them the cost is not too high. Yesterday I spoke about it with my husband but he do not want hear about it at all.

I opened the page of Genographic now and the kit costs only $100! It was about 200 for mother and 200 for father a year ago... I was not right. Females can make only maternal lineage. If I want to have the paternal line I have to control father or brother. 100 for each, maternal and paternal.

Unfortunatelly nobody understands me...

Well, why I remembered it today? I read and hear much about cancer in the last period for the controls I had to do this week.
So I knew that the cancer on the breast is transmitted only by maternal lineage (the sister of my FATHER is dead from it, so I, as example, can be more calm about it)
And I read today: the cancer on the lungs and even the type of cancer is possible to see in the Dna.(Institute of Cancer Research) There are 3 places that show this possibility in the Dna and 2 of them show the type of cancer.


  1. If you like it and it does no harm, then do it!

  2. You arwe right. I think I'll do it one day, I like the idea sooooooo much!!!! I think it's incredibly interesting.


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