Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tomato's Industry

It seems to me, there is not other industries in our zone as those working to produce tinned vegetables. Specially when there is a period to pick up the tomatos you can see it. Because all the ways, expressways, sreets ar full of the TIRs with the enormous boxes with tomatos or just without them. Or maybe cars with refuses of this industry. Sometimes one of these cars is not very hermetic and the stinking liquids fall on the cover of the street. It forms a long stinking belt... (We found one of them this morning on our way)

Помидоры привезли

This morning we found only 3 or 4 TIR-s near this factory (the building in front of you). But normally in this period all the street from both sides is full so that it is difficult to pass there.
No, all are happy because it gives job to many persons. To my husband too. And because there is not job for me, this industry gives me my piece of bread too.

Помидоры привезли

There were many factories before in this zone. There are only some of them alive today. The main crisis was about 10 years ago here. And many men remained without job in that years. And they could not find other job because there is not job here, in this zone...

So, you can understand it is the sign of good life for this region:
if there are many TIR-s in the streets, it means there is job for persons. Many of them work only in this period of tomatos...


  1. I don't see any tomatoes at all. In the green boxe?

  2. Yes, they are inside the boxes.

  3. What happen to the tomatoes? Is this not the period to pick them? What about other fruits or vegetable grown in your area? I have been to London and Switzerland in summer many years back and fruits are plentiful.

  4. This is the earth of fruits, you are right, Fatiah, the problem is that there are places where the fruits now are more numerous, they pick them up earlier and the new hybrids have fruits for longer period (Greece, Marocco and Spain). So Italian fruits and vegetables are not requested more...


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