Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Afraid Of Mouse?

My blog is full of the posts about the life here, in Italy, in the last period, and I forgot completely to explore the internet and to share with you the interesting things is possible to find there. So I decided to make a pause and to open StumbleUpon. I like this program because there are many interesting sites there. And you have not to search for keywords, just to watch and to learn something interesting.

The very first video made me laugh so much. They say, women are afraid of everything. Look here.

Strong Men Afraid of Mouse - Very Funny - Click here for more blooper videos

It si interesting, generally, WHY weare so afraid of the little mice? They can't harm us. If we see scorpion or snake -it's possible to understand. They could even kill a human in some cases. But the mouse?


  1. I think not every woman is afraid of a mouse. Some are afraid of cockroaches.

  2. Somebody said: if there was not god, we had to invent him. I think it is true with other experiences too. If we have nothing to be afraid we invent one.


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