Monday, September 14, 2009

The House Full Of Ashes

Горы горят

Not so far ago I told you about the first arsons in our zone, in my post Burning Mountain In Campania, Italy. I'm really very sad to see this distruction of the nature. I imagine all that beings that can live there. And all those that can't run away from the fire and burn alive in it. My husband says, there are not so many of them on the hills because there is not water there. I don't know, maybe he is right.

Friom other side I understand that that 100-200 cows and sheeps that the last shepherds of the zone graze on the mountains have to eat fresh green herb in autumn. But...

Well, this can be a long story.

Living on the hills, in almost completely wild place has good sides. We can allow us to have windows and doors open all the day. The air, the sun and the wind enter in the rooms. Mmmm... the cats too. And insects and others, to be honest...

Bad is that the wind takes earth and everything it finds in the rooms too. I was not at home and when I turned back, I found everything covered ... with ashes! I do not see too good and could not understand: what is it on the floor? I clean the room and 5 minutes later see that black pieces on the floor! I put them for my eyes... Ashes! The wind fills the house with ashes every day!

Горы горят

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