Sunday, September 13, 2009

In A Hospital, In Italy

As you know, I passed more than a week in a hospital. It was the first time for me, in Italy, so it was a completely new experience. Because some of my friends do not imagin how it works here, I'll describe the system.

There are different public hospitals in our zone. In every great settling (that are different villages grown in one). Probably, it is because the population is too numerous here, and it's too poor for private clinics because there is not job. So, we have 4 hospitals in a range of 10 km-s around of us. To have my operation I could choose any of them -and practically any hospital in Italy. My friends told good about this one and so I went there.

Here on the photo is the garden under the window of the room where I was.

Normally you have to visit your "family doctor" first, he sends you to the other specialists to confirm his diagnosis. You can go in a public institution or in a private studio. If you are too poor you have not to pay for the visit, if there is somebody who works in your family, you pay about 20-36 euros. If you go in a studio, it will cost you about 100-150 euros every time you enter there. Dentists and ginecologists are private. My friend is very happy she found a ginecologist that takes 80 euros a visit.

If you need to stay in a hospital, you book the date when you have to go there, and in the meantime you make all the exams you need.

В Больнице

It was very interesting period, when I came there. There were only some other women the first days, and the rooms were empty else. Than, some days later, all the pregnant women decided to have enough of the vacations and that it is the high time to make their babies. In some days the hospital was full and there was not place more. So even I, fresh after the operation, had to turn home after the solemn promise to be very brave and to take care of every movement I'll make. I was too tired to stay there and was very happy to turn home.

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