Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Incendiary That Nobody Can Catch

Yes, you are right. This is the third post about the burning mountins this year and it's the last, promise. I write it to show you that my accuses of the incendiaries are not empty words.

Here I want to show you some photos of the fire over our heads. These photos I made from my window. We turned home at 15:00 when we noticed the smoke over our hill. Probably the incendiary began his work at 14:00. On the photos it's about 21:00.

As you can understand there are no roads to reach the top of the hill. And the helicopters and planes do not fly in the night. There were years when the fire came very closely to the houses.

This year we could clearly hear the voices of the firemen and the voice of the fire too. A year ago they worked till 3 in the night trying to stop the fire because the fire was near the houses that you can see on the right of the first photo.

And now the most interesting photo.
Look at it.
This is the place, from the other, not our side of the mountain, where the arson came from.

Do you want to know that it begins ALWAYS, every year, from this place?
Can you imagin that it was NEVER possible to find the incendiary?
One more peculiarity. There are all houses long the road, all round the hill. It is VERY difficult to find a way to it because all is closed with fences and private properties...


  1. It must be scary looking at those fires from the window! We don't have this kind of fire here.

  2. It's true. Every time I think: thanks god, this time we are save. A year ago the fire was really near from us. I was alone at home and was afraid to sleep all the night.


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