Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simple Rules Of Healthy Meals And Weight Loss

The most important lesson I learned in this period were the errors I make when I cook. We do not understand very often what is wrong in our mode to live. So, I tryed to change our meals just for some years because we began to become too round, both I and my husband. I accused our age, bad metabolism of fats, of this of that... Look at my photos. These are the meals we received in the hospital.

Breackfast: barley with milk to drink (or tea) with 4 pieces of biscuits and marmalade.



1- the quantity. It is about 4 times less than I put in the plates at home. It was perfectly enough!!!

2- no salt, no sugar, no oils. I always add too much of them. But the organism does not need them (at least in these quantities) and after some days does not want them.

3- no fried food. We like fried meat etc. The cook of the hospital made so: he (or she?) fried meat or sausages and than boiled them in some water. So the meat had the taste like it is fried but had not oils and is "washed".

4- all vegetables were boiled.

5- we had fruits every meal. Plums, one big apple etc.

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