Monday, November 30, 2009

Common Soul Closed In A Terrible Body

трёхглазый человек.
«трёхглазый человек.» на Яндекс.Фотках

They say, this man, Mikle Perry from US, comited suicide because nobody loved him.

We watched a documentary about Siamese twins yesterday, where those twins told they are normal and distinct persons, they have the same desires and hobbies like all others.

I remembered my very first experience as a teacher. I worked in 3 different schools in far villages that year, teached Russian language. You know, it's difficult to find teachers who want to go in that places, so every teacher is wellcome.
My oldest pupils were only 3-4 years younger than me. One of them had a really terrible look. But he wanted to stay always near me. I remember, it was a torture for me because I could not look at him.
But he was very clever and lively. It was a pleasure to speak and to work with him. So a month later I did not see his terrible face more.

Than, many years later, I had some experiences with dieing and very ill persons. They have these terrible pains and lay in the position when they suffer less. We think, they do not understand anything. But their mind, their souls are not ill and they hear and feel everything. And often suffer more to hear what we say about them.

We are so closed in our narrow-minded conception of what is normal! Our limited understanding of the multiplicity of the living forms is really surprizing. The infinity of the forms is something external for us. We think, only I and those similar to me have consciousness. Others -no.

A person is different if he/she comes from other country, has other religion, has other habits... and if he/she has malformations?

Once I heard somebody crying: There are so many invalids on this seafront! They have not to come here! My children have not to see persons like them! I want, my chldren grow normal persons!

Normal persons... Normal!!!
How much time will need our civilization to allow others, "not normal" to live happy in that body the Good God gave them? How much time we will need to understand: the soul does not depend from theform of the body?


  1. I can understand why he commited suicide. It is not easy to live without love.

  2. Do you think, everybody of us, "normal", has more love than he or other persons with problems?

  3. Whether a person is normal or otherwise, everyone has the right in this universe. But too bad people tend to discriminate. It must be hard on these unfortunate people with their abnormalities and they have no choice but to be extra strong to survive.

  4. I think, we are too depending on the opinion of the others, Fatiah. Watch this video
    This man knew to conquist an important place in the life, even if they did not want him in TV etc for his anti-governative point of view.

  5. Of course, not, Liudmila. Many of us are deformed inside.

  6. You know to call the things with right words, Footiam. The problem of humans are not the external malformances. Unfortunatelly.


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