Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How To Use Ink Pen With The Same Short Cartridge Forever

Many of us love ink pens. They are not only better than modern ball pens. They are more healthy too. Because we don't lay on the table when we write, and we take the fingers far from the pen. It's good for our eyes.

But there is a problem with these pens. In the most cases we have to use cartridges.
1/ you need many of them if you write much.
2/ the ink is not good -for my tastes.
The cartridges you buy are often dry too. I don't understand how is it possible that the ink can dry in the close plastic cartridge but it is the hard reality.

So I "invented" a good way to avoid these bad sides of my ink pens. I refill them.

It is not difficult but many of my friends did not use this method. And that is why I decided to tell you about it.

You need only this: good ink, a used syringe, paper and water to clean the syringe.

Как заправить ручку

Take off the cartridge with care ot to damage the hole.

Как заправить ручку

Fill the syringe with ink

Как заправить ручку

Fill the cartridge with ink till it's mouth

Как заправить ручку

Put the cartridge carefully on the pen (don't damage the hole of the cartridge)

Как заправить ручку


Как заправить ручку

I have to say you, I've never changed the cartridges, I can't remember you how many years I use those I bought first time I did it.
Ah, forgot. Wash the syringe after use and you will never change it too.


  1. The last time I used this type of ink pen is when I was in school. I tend to mess my pages with my sweat as our climate is very hot. I notice many who like to use this type of pen have beautiful handwriting.

  2. Hi, Fatiah, happy to see you here!!! Hope everything is good there.

    The beautiful writing was not for the pens but for the old writing system.
    The new system of fast writing was "invented" in last 60-th together with the ball pens. About 1968-69. When I went to school, there were (automatic) ink pens (1967), my sister (3 years later) began to write just with ball pens.

  3. I don't like this type of pen. Not so convenient.

  4. It's surely not about the convenience. It's a pleasure, a satisfaction. If I could allow it, I would prefere a 500 euro pen to other good things.For example, if someone would ask me what is better a 500 euro pen or a touristic tour, I would prefere a pen.

    But if you think that you have one pen like this for all the life or for many years -it is convenient too.

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