Sunday, November 08, 2009

Great Movie This Time

Хозяин морей: На краю Земли

«Хозяин морей: На краю Земли» на Яндекс.Фотках

I watch TV really rarely. My husband has his best friend near his other best 4-legs friend, the bed, so I watch it, TV not husband, only when I'm in bed intended to sleep. We had satellit provider and watched documentaries and naturalistic films before. Now when we renounced on it, there is practically nothing to watch.

This time I was fortunate. After that bad experience with "300", a day or two later, there was "Master And Commander". I was satisfied in all my senses. Great filming, touching story and GREAT violoncello music.

The other satisfaction was that the good artist Russell Crowe did not fall down to the film like "300".

By the way, did you know that this is the first from 21 books from the serie about Jack Aubrey written by Patrick O'Brian "Aubrey–Maturin" (or "Aubreyad"). These are the titles

1. Master and Commander (1970); 2. Post Captain (1972); 3. HMS Surprise (1973); 4. The Mauritius Command (1977); 5. Desolation Island (1978); 6. The Fortune of War (1979); 7. The Surgeon's Mate (1980); 8. The Ionian Mission (1981); 9. Treason's Harbour (1983); 10. The Far Side of the World (1984); 11. The Reverse of the Medal (1986); 12. The Letter of Marque (1988); 13. The Thirteen-Gun Salute (1989); 14. The Nutmeg of Consolation (1991); 15. Clarissa Oakes (1993) - (The Truelove in the USA); 16. The Wine-Dark Sea (1993); 17. The Commodore (1995); 18. The Yellow Admiral (1996); 19. The Hundred Days (1998); 20. Blue at the Mizzen (1999); 21. The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey (2004).


  1. Haven't heard of this movie butRussel Crowe is famous here too.

  2. I liked so much the film to find the books and now have to read the second part (of 21). It was a great pleasure to watch a good work of the movie-staff.


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