Monday, November 23, 2009

Unknown Beautiful Plant

The first week I turned back to the activities of the Archeological Group was dedicated to it's tasks only. Sunday I had to change a girl in S.Peter At Court and took my photocamera with me. I'm not very brave to take the photos with it. Have to read more the instructions. But anywhere I go I have it and take photos.

So, Sunday I went to the diocese (because the keys from S.Peter are there) and noticed these beautiful flowers pending from the vases hanging on the walls. I have to say you, Salerno is just prepared for the feasts. Italians have the first important feast on December, 8. Immaculate Conception. And it's possible to see even the Christmas Tree for this day in the houses.

I said, I saw a very beautiful plant. Here it is:

Неизвестный цветок

As you see, this is a pending plant with hard leaves of an evergreen. Here you can see them better:

Неизвестный цветок

And the flower was like twisted a little and had a sort of needles on the end of the petals. Very beautiful, velour dark red. Here you can see better the flower:

Неизвестный цветок

I would like to have this flower in my garden but I don't know it's name. I asked all the persons I met in Salerno that day. One man that sells plants too. But nobody could say me the name of the plant... :-(((


  1. Beautiful flower. Haven't seen it before too. There are always new flowers to amaze!

  2. This is the beauty of the life: there is ALWAYS something to adore. :-)))


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