Tuesday, November 03, 2009

300 Spartans

The evening of Sunday was signed by only event: the film "300" in TV. It was the first time for me and so I put aside everything. I've read many bad words about this film in internet, but thought it's my preferite event in the history, and Leonidas is my favourite hero. I wanted to see how they interpret him.
I wrote once about the new excavations in Sparta ( Sparta, Leonidas and false legends excuse me I had not time for correction of the mistakes... ;-( I'm sorry ). They say, there remained too few testimonials from the antique times. But the archeologists work now and are surprized of what they find there.
Well, I did not expected to see real story in this film. But I thought to watch something beautiful and touching the heart.
I could not imagine to watch ...nothing. Nothing. Something similar to computer game. And only erotic (great) and excisions of the members of the bodies.
A complet disillusionment.
I'm really very-very sad about it. It would be better if I did not know about this "big event".


  1. I didn't see this even though there is a DVD somewhere at home but I heard it is good.

  2. Probably everybody looks for something he/she psychologicaly needs in this period. I wanted to associate more historical truth with historical titles.

  3. Most movies distort history.

  4. Yes but I would like to watch at least an interesting story. Erotic and blood are maybe good too but I don't understand what the author wanted to say with only these scenes in the film.


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