Friday, January 22, 2010

Strange Things With Google Analytics

I discovered a straing thing today: there are not visits in my Blogger blogs in Google Analytics.

This is the story with the counters in these my blogs.

When I began to write them, I added a counter from one Italian site. It was a simple counter and the graphics they offered were not very complicated and maybe too precise but this program was comfortable for me.

About a year ago, after 4 years I use this program, Google and antiviruses began to write to me, the counter is nothing other than a virus. I could not use my blogs more because they were blocked, and had to change the counter I liked to an other. It was Google analytics.

On January, 17 I try to open my blogs and can't do it. I thought, it's one of the codes that has something wrong. But I did not add any new code in the last period. What can it be??? It's unpossible to control all the codes! Specially when you have not an idea what is it about, right?

So, I changed the template's model in every blog and after that I opened my blogs without problems, finally. Everything seems to be so as it was before, the only difference is that Google Analytics does not work more.

WHY???? Do you have such problems too?


  1. I don't think the figures are accurate. Anyway, I didn't know blogs can be infected with virus; but lately I have been spammed with links to buy viagra etc and now, comments need to be approved.

  2. Ohhh... spam links I have dozens of them in every of my blogs every day. Sometimes they are difficult to cancel too. In the last period they are in Japanese and in Russian. Well, it's our "job". We have to accept their existance with patience. Moderation is efficient arm against them.

  3. Я тоже заметил такое у себя. Только что глянул и твой блог и не нашёл кода, который нужен для анализа. Может быть это тебе поможет.
    Я инсталлировал новый код на свой блог - теперь посмотрим будет ли оно работать

  4. Спасибо. Я не знала. что они меняют коды. И ещё и по-русски есть! Какая прелесть! Мне их по-английски читать тяжко: слишком много и заумно, аж грустно становится. Надо будет поставить новые коды. Может, будет лучше...


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