Friday, January 08, 2010

Wonderland In Edinburgh

Thanks to TV and other informational channels, most of us have very clear image of the "right" winter with snow, reindeers etc. even if we live in Italy or in Sahara. The modern life allows us to fulfil our dreams to visit the places of that fables. One of them is Edinburgh in Scotland. In the times of internet is not difficult to plan the trip, to find good for you Edinburgh accommodation in the place situated near the itinerary of your interest. This is because Edinburgh offers many recreative possibilities for every person, children and adults, and in any season. Specially in winter, when the nature transforms the city in a natural dream and the residents add to this picture all the attributes of the fable.

One of the peculiarities of the Edinburgh accommodation is the possibility to stay in the Old Town or in the New Town. You can find Edinburgh apartments with ghosts, if you like paranormal experiences, or near the places where VIPs of the past lived. There are different itineraries including even night visits of the old houses with ghosts, Castel and royal palaces.

But the visit of Edinburgh in winter will attract you with the spectacles on the open air. Did you know that Edinburgh has many areas of gardens inside the town? And there are the largest in the UK ice rinks there. If you book your Edinburgh apartments via internet, you can find something near them, so that your days will begin with the fun hours on the ice.

Well, your vacations in Edinburgh will not disappoint you in your dream fables.


  1. I'll go for the scenery or the people, but not the ghosts!

  2. :-) Do you know, I would go specially for ghosts there!

  3. oh! You must be a ghostbuster!

  4. :-) Probably. In the depth of the soul.

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  6. Thank you MILAD, I'll visit your blog and try to translate the articles.

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