Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Discounted Girl Of The Consumer Society

Пульт управления«Пульт управления» на Яндекс.Фотках

It was a shock for me, that article I read now. A young man (a man, not a boy) reasoning about the best ways to make a girl of the dreams of a man to fall in love with him.

Did you know that the girls are worse that the cars, because you can't bargain the discounts, when you want to take a girl of your dreams?

I'm probably too old to understand this things, but I remember else, the boys were able to take the stars form the sky for us, girls. The poor mothers that had to finance their sons -now I smile- gave them what they could. The boys were happy to feel themselves like the Princes and we were happy to have such a Prince nearby.

I remember myself when I had 20-30 years. The men that wanted to attract my attention were not very different from those our boys. They always wanted to feel themselves like Princes and wanted I feel myself near a Prince.

What I want to say with it?
The main point was the idea to be/have a Prince.
The Prince is not about the quantity of money and not about the physical beauty. The Prince can be physically the Beast. It is about emotions, attention, admiration, worship.

Now, reading advises of a man how to take the best girl with the best discounts, I see, we really reached the consumer society.
And it is sad, my dear friends.

А-ля Сепия!
«А-ля Сепия!» на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. The girl may have their own ideas too. I have seen some who thought that they are princesses that you have to wait upon.

  2. :-) It's because they "invite" the man to become a Prince.


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