Friday, January 22, 2010

What We Are In The Universe?

Каменный мир
«Каменный мир» на Яндекс.Фотках

Did you notice the very great quantity of the films and documentaries about the space and cosmic catastrophes?

Some days ago I watched a documentary about astronomy and infinity of the space. Scientists spoke it's necessary to find an other planet we will be able to live at, when the life on this planet will be unpossible. Probably they thought about all the junk etc human beings produce here. If one destroys and destroys a device (Earth in this case), that poor device has to be finally destroyed, one day. It's clear. It's one of the Murphy's laws, I think. Or something similar. Correct me if you know.

I hope, I'll not be alive in that period, so I think about an other interesting confrontation.
If we think not about what other planet we have to make an uninhabited dessert, but about our position in that infinite space. In the Universe, our Earth is smaller than the most little grain of sand in the ocean. And there are many many many "grains of sand" there.

Черная дыра ест "звездные чипсы"
«Черная дыра ест "звездные чипсы"» на Яндекс.Фотках

It is similar to our body that is made from the very little athoms. There are many little athoms that build our bodies. There are "big" spaces inside the athoms, you know. One scientist said: if we imagine the athom in the center of a stadium, it's electrons will situate near the walls of this stadium.

Many little athoms make the Universe of our bodies.
Can you imagine that the Earth is a little athom of something, of a "body".
And if we are only a part of the athoms of a body????

Семейный портрет
«Семейный портрет» на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. Yes, I notice especially after watching Avatar. It is so good that it sends idea to some people. Just read this:

  2. Good article, Footiam. Thank you for it. This opinion is not new. I read such views long ago and those were american people that told about it.

  3. and I'm about the same. For human live: to do sin and repented not need all these galaxies and vast expanses of emptiness.
    Something in the God's Plan, if it real, is wrong.

  4. I agree. Something is wrong in the Creation. Or in our heads: we had not to think about the aims and possibilities.


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