Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dream to Find a Treasure? Go Fishing!

Did you ever dream to find an antique treasure? Do you think it's unpossible today? You are not right. It's enough that you like fishing. Take your spinning and go to fish. I know at least 2 recent discoveries of antique artifacts catched by fishers.

First of them and the most recent (the notice was pubblished today) is about the sword that a fisher took out from the river Dnepr near the city Zaporozhje, in Ucraina. The sword was on the riverbed that is about 20 m deep in that place.

This artifact has very good quality and has silver and gold decorations. That is why the scientists think, it could belong to one of the most known Kijev princes, Svjatoslav who perished in the battle in that place where the sword was found.

The other case I told you about happendin 1930. A group of the fishers took with their net a very beautiful head of Apollo from the waters of the Gulf of Salerno. This head is possible to admire in the Archeologicap Museum of Salerno that is it's symbol now. The photo is from this site

Do you believe me now? Let's take our fishing tackle from the shed.

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