Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sunny Day After the Flood

Naples was flooded this Sunday, and it seemed to me we will never go out from there.

It's not so unusual, sincerely. Hard rains are normal for November here. It rains in other periods, too, but November is a real "winter" month in our zone.

We decided to visit a very good and convenient street market in Naples that day, where my husband wanted to buy a jacket. We had bad time, sailing in the streets there. It was unnecessary risk to go in Naples but we could not imagine what we will find there. We did not think that the city could be immersed by so much water that arrived nearly to the windows of the car in some places.


That is why -and you will understand me- I wanted to pass some time taking photos of the splendid roses and other flowers I have now in my "garden"

Suddenly... the young cat that came to us when my husband was in the hospital arrived just in front of me and my photocamera...

Is it possible???? Is it the behaviour of an educated cat that pretends to be feeded in this house... by me, precisely!!!! I was ...surprised and indignant. What a shame!

I'm a very modest person and turned my photocamera aside.

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