Friday, November 18, 2011

Dark Clouds Over Italy

The dark clouds over the economical situation in Italy seemed to me something not very important for "normal", "little" people. Why not? It's easy to understand. I'll explain it to you in simple numbers.


Look here:
We, an adult couple, spent It.Lire 5000 for everyday neccessities (bread, milk etc.) in the years before Euro.

Euro had to cost half in confront to Lire. So, we had to spend Lire 5000: 1900 (I don't remember the precise number, 1927, maybe)= Euro 2,5 Right?

From the first days of Euro, this division was not exactly so but Lire 5000:1927 =Euro 5; =Euro 6,7,10 etc

Today, we spend at least Euro 20 (TWENTY) for our everyday neccessities.

In the miraculous way, the salary of the workers of our region (I don't know about the others) had not this interesting tendence in the division but remained exactly so as we lerned in the school:
Lire 5000:1927=2,5 (approximately)

In addition, there is no job, and Italy has not that social support system as Germany, for example.  I look for a job for 15 years and never had a chance to find something. It's not about me. It's for every person. If you want to have a job, you have to pay the employer.

In other words, the situation was just hard enough for years to worry about it.

новый торговый коплекс Vulcano Buono,Nola

Last Sunday, we went in a big commercial center (photo over here) for our "weekly shopping". Commercial centers grew as mushrooms in the region in the last years, and now we have more very large commercial centers than the residents, here. This one is our favourite because is the only where you can find good offers else.

Normally, it is always full in the weekends. Entire families come to pass all the day in it. Cold place, air conditioning in summer (specially, for those who do not have it in their own houses -it's a Paradise). Old members sit on the sofas for the TVs, kids play somewhere, one drinks coffee, other walks long the gallery. At least, they spend money for breackfast and lunch. Surely, they buy aliments. Everybody is content.

Now, that Sunday when Berlusconi renounced on his post, this commercial center was empty.
We could not understand, what is happend,at  first. There were only some little family groups here and there. The impression was that Italians were hidden in their homes, that they were frightened this event can blow up their lives.

Nothing is happend. The life turned back in it's normal "riverbed".
Everybody hopes, the new government will be able to do something to allow the "little" people to live, not only survive...

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