Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have a difficult period in my life. I can't write. I can't near the PC.

Maybe, after years I passed here, in front of the monitor, I'm simply tired. I was not able to create my working place. I was not able to change something in my life. Years ago, I had the Great Hope. I did not see a PC before I buyed one but I thought, I'm clever and persistent. ...
What can I say? Maybe, I have to change the attitude and begin to blog for my pleasure and to cancel all other blogs that were created to try to earn something.

Maybe, this depression is simply a stress of long-long period of illnesses we had. Illnesses that changed my way to see the life in one sense.
Or simply the winter creates this aura of sadness.

Maybe, I have only to go out from the dark part of bloggers' block.

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