Friday, January 20, 2012

The Feeling of the Spring

This morning was not very happy in confront to all the mornings of the last 2 weeks when the sun was shining from the first moments it raised over the mountains. I went out to see what I have to wear for my turn in our museum and "My God!!! It's raining!!! I have not a jacket for rain! How will I turn home????"

Yes, it's true. I wanted to walk 2 km-s from Vietri this morning -and it means I needed sports wear for it. But I discovered that the "water-proof" jacket I have becomes wet when it rains...

It's sad that I'm not able to show you the profume ...of the spring that was there in the air. Well,we had not real winter this year at all. There were not those months of gloomy rains. And it was not cold, too, sincerely. But it was winter the same. I can't explain it. It was winter.


The rain of this morning was different. It had the sensation of spring. The air of spring. The feeling of spring.


We went in Salerno with the car. So, I had some time to enjoy the view of the sea before I had to go in the museum.


I went to the seaside. What I saw there were dark clouds and grey water. And infinite quantity of gulls. But there was something that the eyes could not see.


Not only me, all the persons felt that special sensation of spring that was in the air.
Everybody stopped suddenly on his/ her way, looked around and turned out own cell to make photos. I had my cell, too. But I had not the photo camera. That is why my photos are not so excellent as I wanted they are. But I don't think that even the best of the photocameras could fix the FEELING.


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