Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Take Joy in Simple Things"

"We need to take joy in simple things, too", wrote one of those who watched this video. And I thought this crow sliding on the roof can be a good prove that we don't need too much to be happy and to enjoy the life. I began to think about it after I've read a big article about... the bomb shelters for the End of the World of 2012 sold by a wide-ranging enterprise. They just sold 5000 bomb shelters in the US and transfered in Europe now. The price of the shelters is about $50 000 and, they say, they will allow the owners to survive after the catastrophe of Dec. 21, predicted by a Maya Calender.

Can we believe it or not, there are many persons that prepare for this event. Some people buy bomb shelters, many others prepare the ways to suicide because they are afraid of the end of the world. Hundreds of thousands go in France to wait for the event near a mountain they believe will protect all who will happen there in the moment of the catastrophe.

Sincerely, I was sure that it's unpossible to create such a panic today. There were so many End of the World promices at least during the years I remember myself. But the mankind does not change with time.

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