Sunday, January 08, 2012

I Want to Remain Young!

First days of new year were not so carefree as we wanted. One is ill: a desirable nice girl ...coughed him in the face and infected him. He has a high temperature, now. So high that he has to lay in bed all the week. "The nice girl" is remembered with only bad words. :-)))

The other is too sad (at his 35) for the "evident signs of aging". He decided to correct the age with surgery but the operation was not very successful and he has all the face black now. We, men, want to remain young, too -he says. I don't want to become old!!!

(!!! Do you think I'm laughing? No, these are real stories of these first days of the year!)

Interesting is that the girls think not about beauty but about jobs these days. They want to travel and need money for it.

What could be the best cure for all of them, I thought? A smile maybe.

что его нюх многократно острее человеческого! И тут впервые в жизни Полкан пожалел о том,

Смотреть ещё!

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