Friday, May 09, 2008

Amazons Had Their Breasts!

this picture is from Arte Greca del Periodo Severo

In the last period I had to go different times in Salerno to open our museum and one of these days I had to stay there with a girl that study history of art. The girl had with her some books about it, and when she read the texts to prepare for the next exam in her university, I looked the pictures of the Greek art.

I noticed some interesting things on these paintings. You know, maybe that Greeks were very realistic in thei art, yes? Now see on the picture I posted here. Go to the site to see it better if you want. So, on the right picture you see WOMEN that partecipate on the battle. One of them -clothed normally- is with the arc preparing to shoot, other is on the ground, wounded. They are not afraid or something else, they are NORMAL.

Than I saw different picturesof battles were partecipate Amazons.
Do you remember, what we learned in school? The Amazons cuted away one breast (I don't remember precisely right or left) because it disturbed them to shoot.
So, all the pictures I've seen, all the Amazons had normal breast.

But they went to the battle with their dogs. On one picture was the dog that killed the enemy beating him on the throat.

Finally, an interesting peculiarity: the Greeks did not forget about hairs of the enemy in the battle. I've seen different of them where they cought their enemies for the hair.

I've never studied the art, I tell you what I've seen on the pictures.


  1. I think the ancient Greek women are strong and courageous people and fight alongside their men.


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