Monday, May 19, 2008

Carnelan. My First Own-Made Jewelry

These beautiful stones are beads of carnelian. I bought 2 necklaces a year ago to make from them a mala, but had not time neither wish. I've never made something like this before.

The stone is very romantic. And very useful. First of all it attracts wealth to it's owner and it has the capacity to change your mood from black to rose. This last I could prove myself. (Hope, the first will come too) There are many other uses, but I want to write about this today.

Once I felt very offended by a person I like. All the day was ruined. I did many things to forget -meditations, distractions ecc, but ...nothing. In the evening I remembered that carnelian can change the mood and took the beads. I looked at them for some time (about 5-10 minutes) and thought, the myths are good, but they are myths. Than my husband called me and I forgot about the beads. After an hour I returned and saw them. And noticed that my mood was not black as all the day before but normal. I was a little sad, but no trace of "black" more. About an hour later I was happy and laughing -without any reason.

I told you the facts. It could be anything -psychologically. But the sequence was so.

Now I wanted to show you my own work. Yes, it's nothing special, I know, but it's the first time I did a "jewelry" myself. I put the beads to different persons, but they did not want to do this work, so I decided to prove myself. The bracelet is not finished else, I have to buy some pieces. But the necklace and the earrings I just use them.

Carnelian is called "Hardened Sunset". And this, that comes from Crimea I think, is said to be the best for healing aims.


  1. Wow. So cute :)

    On a serious note, the stones do look pretty awesome.....

  2. Such a cheerful n sweet color. I have bought some carnelians but the color is slightly different not as nice as yours. It's reallY not difficult doing beaded jewelry isn't it? Make more n show us Liudmila.

  3. These beads come from Crimea, girls, that is why they are so different. They say, they are the best for healing too. I have 2 bracelets for sale made from carnelian -and they are very different from these too.

    Yes, Fatiah, it was not so difficult. The most difficult was to find a shop where I could buy all the neccessary.

  4. Nice stones! If only we can pick them from just anywhere!

  5. It's my dream too, Footiam.


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