Monday, May 12, 2008

Your Body Is A Perfect Machine!

Три сестрицы на причале,рыбаков всегда встречали.
«Три сестрицы на причале,рыбаков всегда встречали.» на Яндекс.Фотках
The researchers make me cry from deep emotion sometimes. So did the last report I read an hour ago. It's about diets.

Many of us wanted to become slim as we were in our 18 years. Specially us, wemen. We dream about a special diet ecc.

About some years that we know that the diets do not work with many of us.
Well, if I stay all the day for the PC and eat only ice-creams or similar, and than between 2 of my ice-creams I make a weight-loss treatment, the diet do not work, it's clear.

Now the last research says: if your diet wants you eat only some aliments that you don't like, you can do all the necessary things -you will never have good results.

Because YOUR BODY IS A PERFECT MACHINE and knows better as you what you have to eat.

One of the researchers controlled a very great group of children. He gave them many dishes to chose from (except sweeties) to eat. He noticed: the children choosed only some of them. And when they ate these foods, they were in the best conditions of health.

Our genetic preferences of special foods are not casual. They are in the harmony with our necessities. And if we don't want to eat something is better do not eat this aliment.

You know, I hate the odour of fish, I can't stand it at all, I even can begin to vomit if my language touches a piece of fish. In all my life I've eaten only some pieces of cold-smoked fish. Than I knew that there is one aunt of my mother that has this "defect" too. I laugh, maybe I was a leopard-seal in my previous life? (for my great love for felines)
One friend of mine has the same problem with vegetables.

Well, why I say that all this makes me cry? Because we say about it all our lifes. We all know it. But because the researchers had not confirm this idea, we were named stupid ecc. And it's about any side of "alternative medicine".

Now, from today, it's not alternative but "normal" medicine.
Is this transformation not adorable?


  1. cats are much better than dogs about eating the correct food. we have an old fussy one and we are experimenting with baby food to see if he will eat some moist food. he eats the dry food and he has no teeth. ouch!

    yesterday, mother's day in usa, i am sitting at the table with family and friends and two of 10 dinner guests admit to food. they said the label says no preservatives, all natural.

    what do you think of this?

  2. I am the same with cooked onions! I hate them, and will not eat the tiniest amount. I love the flavour of onion in food, and I eat raw onions though :O)

  3. We still have to take care of the machine!

  4. :))) you joke, PM...
    It was a mode to control the quality of sausages in the Soviet Union: if your cat eats the sausage, there is (good) meat there. If the cat does not eat it, it means the sausage is made from igienic paper.

    I see it with my animals today too: sometimes you think you've bought something good, but cats don't eat it; if it's so, I'm sure, the aliment is not good.

    For dogs it's some different, they eat everything that YOU eat. They are not so squeamish as cats.

    Personally I would not eat food for animals if I will not have the extriem necessity. I was in the fabrics that make conserved food for persons. I think, the "technology" is more "better" for animals. I speak about rats and that workers can urinate in the baths with preparing food ecc.

  5. Oh, it's bad feeling, I know, Beetle! Specially if we speak about a very diffused aliment like onion. You find it everywhere... bad.

  6. :))) you know, Footiam, I read one famous writer said: I can't understand it: if we buy a car, we look for the best oil , carburant, ecc
    but when we buy something to eat we are similar to the swines: never see what is good and what is bad.

  7. That is a human problem, we prefer to eat what appeals to us whether it is good or bad. I love ice-cream n chocolates but doesnt enjoy greens. When we want to eat something unhealthy we say life is too short so enjoy. When we get sick only we start thinking about what goes in. Our body is a perfect machine created by the Lord, ultimately we still need to take care for it to run smoothly.

  8. I'm surprized that the Good God made this machine so that we can't destroy it in many years with all mistreatment we do to it. ;)))


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