Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Working Woman In Man's Eyes

Женщина должна работать, а мужчина - отдыхать!
Hope it will be very short post. I wanted only to tell you an interesting point of view on the role of woman in the society.

When I had my last "shift" in the museum, there were 2 of the oldest men of our Archeological Group. We spoke about jobs and came to the role of the woman. We said that years ago a woman could not work in some industries and today she has hard life to occupy and to maintain a professionally good place. In Italy there are often claims about men that abuse women working with them. Once I spoke with a man who came to buy our puppies. I always mistreat women and girls that work in my office, he said. Why??? Because a woman has not to work for anybody except herself, he answered.

These men (65 and 75 years old) said that women could not make other jobs except teachers because the society of that time (about 40 years ago!) thought "woman has not to know some things".

I don't understand something in this life: she has to know to make children, but she has not to know "some things"...

An other MY thought:
"Emancipation" means the woman has to hear "bad words" on every step. But she "has not to know some things". When I was little men did not pronounce "bad words" in presence of women and children.
Men had more respect for themslves, maybe...

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