Saturday, May 17, 2008


This week was dedicated to the cherries in our house. We had to pick them up as fast as possible, because everyday the price of them becomes lower and lower.
The life of a paesant is not very good: for his hard work he becomes coins -if becomes something. If you come too late with your vegetables, the buyer can catch you away.

We have only some trees of early cherries now and they are not very high: about 4-5 meters, so now we have not very hard work. But we had old trees before and they were about 20 meters high. It was hard experience to pick up cherries at that time, believe me.

Today the times are chaned. Cherries from Spain and Apulia come earlier in the markets as as compared with ours. And they have dwarf trees 2 meters high -there is not problem to work with them... So, when our cherries become mature, nobody wants them more. And if you want to pick them up one day later, you can leave them on the tree better as risk your life picking them up -and return them back home to throw them.

I say, it's a pitty that the zoo in Naples is closed. I could find work there as a monkey. You have to see me on the trees, what I do! In my venerable age!

Here you can see great part of the family at work.


  1. I am sorry to hear that the cherries fetch low prices. We don't have these beautiful cherries here but we can buy them, preserved one especially for cakes. Fresh ones can only be found in supermarkets in big towns and cities and they are not cheap. Everywhere, even in my country, the peasant are the one who lose out. Maybe, with the low price, you can make jam out of the cherries! Or perhaps, find new uses for them!

  2. The cherries look delicious. Do you make jams out of them? And don't go to work in the zoo, you will be missed in the blogosphere.

  3. Eh, yes, Footiam, it is so. Even here in Italy, years ago, the prices in the market were about 15 euros for 1 kg, but the best we could wait ever were 4 euros. Now even the very first cherries in our zone cost to a paesant not more than 0,90 euros. And there are people that live from the work of simple paesant. It's enormous work every day all the year and they do it for real coins. Really terrible work. Not hard but impossible.

  4. I don't make jams in the last years, my ear friends. We are 2 adult persons and eat not so much. Specially jams. And we have not possibilities to conserve anything here in the house, so I have to throw what I do or what we grow. So I prefere to buy if I need something once in the year.

  5. I'm with Footiam on that note. The cherries look really, really yummy BTW....

  6. It does sound like very hard work for little return.

    Cherries are plentiful here in the season. It's a pity there is no other outlet for you.

  7. Dear Ivy, it's really very nice time when there are these beautiful cherries on the trees... Many persons do not understand me, but for me the pleasure is more-more bigger when I can pick them up, eat them from the tree.

    But this work is really hard, Beetle, when you think about zero security, about 20 meters high tree and storm winds. Normally there are stormish winds here in may. And the best cherries are in the places you can't reach...
    But I like it the same.


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