Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Visiting Europe's Most Popular Cities

Осень в Париже

Visit Europe means for many travellers visiting some most popular, most known cities like Paris, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam. I wrote just, it's not too difficult to plan a perfect trip using Internet today. You have to go to the sites of the city or sites of the country (there are official information sites) and learn the main places of greatest interest. Than you think about transport and finally about hotels.

So imagine to prepare a little Europe trip.
Do you know that there are special "passe's" to visit Le Louvre, for example? The main advantages of it (it's my opinion) are that you can buy this ticket online and and when you come there, you have not stay and wait half a day in the code to enter there, but you enter with this "pass" through a special door. With this pass you can visit 2 museums:
Le Louvre museum and Eugene Delacroix museum. To see than more of Paris you surely need to find a hotel. And here there are the best Paris Hotels.

The next country of our interest today is Italy. We want to visit Rome first.
If you think to visit Rome you have to be informed about at least greatest exhibitions because there are always different of them of worldwide-importance. In the last days our Archaeological group's members said me, there are different emperor's villas open now and it's impossible to visit all of them in one day. If you plan it, you have to book Hotels Rome.

After that we go to Venice. What visitors don't know about Venice is that there are not only main streets there. And there are maps in commerce too. Normally when you come there, you have to walk through the city inside the great crowd of persons. You have problems to move where you want and the only thing you can be concentrated on are the persons around you. So, if you want to have a happy walk through Venice, is enough to buy a map of the city and choose the alternative street for your visit. Venice is not very great but if you want to visit all the museums, you have to sleep in Venice Hotels.

And at the end we wanted to visit Amsterdam. Do you know that you can visit the main places of interest in Amsterdam with boat? There are Canal Buses, Canal Bikes and Evening cruises for Individuals. This last is a thing that attracted me in the description. You sit completely alone on your boat and an entire live Jazz band plays for you. Or you look at the sightseeing around you and eat pizza in Pizza-Cruise... It can be that I did not understand the sense of the word "Individual" in the tour names, but sounds good. ;))) After this tour you will be tired and will need to have a place in one of Amsterdam Hotels.

Wish you good trip with the very important advises you could read in this my post.


  1. Yes, like what you said, it's easy to visit other countries. Just a click away, very convenient now.

  2. I have seen Eifel but not from this angle! The statue here makes Paris very special but the statue also reminds me of the movie Exorcist!

  3. I did not was in Paris, but I think the photo was made from Nostre Dame Dom. And worked with Photoshop.

  4. My daughter hopped over from Sweden to Amsterdam 3 weeks ago to see the Tulips Bloom in Spring. Beautiful flower exhibits at Keukenhof Garden. And in Paris, she came face to face with renown Mona Lisa at Le Lorvre.

  5. Ohhhh.... Evelyn, it's the dream of all my life... Specially to see the tulips. If I could, I would go there for it every year!

  6. Notre Dame is very beautiful from the outside. It's dark inside but there are interesting things inside like oil paintings and tombs of priests. And there are many people, tourists walking everywhere and a loud music is played, giving it a heavenly feel!

  7. Hope there are not Swiss Guards there... I wanted to enter once in Vatican S.Pietro church. It was summer and I had only shorts and t-shirt clothsed. One Swiss Guard catch me for the main door and sent me... very far from there.


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