Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why She Looks For An Other?

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It was a very big article I opend accidentally. Why a married woman begins to look for an other? The author wanted to listen to the psychologists. Some of conclusions seemd interesting to me.

All the problems begin with the natural and absolutely dominating all other feelings necessity of a woman to hear continuously confirmations that she is beautiful, unique and inimitable. If she do not hear it from her husband she begins to look for them where she can. And the places can be very various.

If the man looks for "use-and-throw" sex relations, woman -consciously or not- looks for great love.

The other difference is that the woman feels fault for her husband in the most quantity of cases when she had casual sexual relations.
From the other side she never forgives conjugal infidelity. It remains in the very depth of her soul even if she doesn't admit it and can go out one day.

The other interesting thing is that -in the most cases- the woman discovers her "home" husband is better as the casual partner.

Finally, more than 70% of the divorced couples that lived together more than 5 years turn to live together. :)))


  1. The guy at home should be better. Who else leaves the socks lying about and the toilet unflushed!


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