Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life In The Street

Maybe you will not approve me for these photos. There is nothing too beautiful to see these persons living in these conditions. I have to say, it's not "normal" for Salerno to see something like that "bed" on the first photo. By the way, the white bedspread was very clean and beautiful. Sincerely, it was the first I've seen when I looked in that direction. And the man seemed very relaxed and content. Logically, I did not want he sees me making that photo, so it's not very clear.

If you walk in Naples, in the center, you can see persons sleeping on the ground practically everywhere. Naples is not very advisable place for walks. Specially in the most populated, central parts of the city. Well, all capitals have this problem.

But Salerno is not a big center. The life is quiet here. Not that you can't find strange persons. Like this old woman on the photo in the bottom. There are, I think, 2 or 3 of them in the central part of the town. First you see them, you think those are poor beggars. They drag themselves along the streets, wash their clothes in the toilet of the station, sit so as on the photo under shops... One of them has a bag with weels and you think she takes all she has with her...

Next day you see her wearing other clothes, even a fur coat -not the worsest you can imagine, an other day she is weared differently... You understand that this woman has to have a house -something where she lives. Is it the mode to have some money? To communicate with others? To receive attention that they need? I haven't seen them enter in the shops, but they have those plastic bags always full...


  1. Solche Leute lieben ihre Freiheit.
    Nicht so wie wir.

  2. Das hab'ich nicht gedacht. Vielleicht ist es wirklich so.

  3. They are beggars? There will always be beggars everywhere!

  4. Maybe you are right. Seems they like this life.

  5. In life there will always be people poorer than others and richer than others. So this will always continue. Shame.

  6. It's the life, and maybe we have to accept it's mode to exist. What can we change?


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