Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brag About My Article

Письмо внуку
«Письмо внуку» на Яндекс.Фотках

In the first days of January I complained about the great tragedy that happend to me: because my blogs -suddenly and with any explanation- passed from PR3 to PR0 they were not more interesting to the advertisers, and I remained without those coins that I earned with them.
It was a tragedy because I have not other job and have not other possibility to find something. The only thing I could do to change the situation in positive direction was to make first steps on the freelance writting way.

It' clear, we speak about writting in English.

My English-speaking friends maybe will laugh. One thing is to write posts for a personal blog, one thing is to write a little post of advertising -and completely other thing is to write big, serious articles and to partecipate on competitions with the English-speaking professional and half-professional writers. Persons that studied to write in Mother-tongue.

I know that I write good enough. My Russian and Italian readers love to read my articles. But I could never dare to write in English. I don't think in this language. I mostly translate my thoughts in it.

Now, I was obligued to make this step.
It was hard.
It was very hard.
500 words I wrote about 5 days.
Thoughts of a university professor about his/her job.

I submitted this my art-work and said to me: there is not matter if this article will be elected. Important is that I did it. To explain you the situation, I know about this job for 3-4 years. I even am registered in different specialized sites/companies. But I could not make this step.

2 or 3 days ago I found a request to write a psychic/spiritual slaut. Decided to try and wrote first about meditation. The article is half ready. Than, yesterday, saw that there are too many articles about meditation submited, decided to try with an other theme. Because there are less possibilities to win when too many experts write similar articles.

Suddenly, there was a click in my head. I began to write very fluently and this afternoon the article was ready -1000 words. This evening I submited it. About half an hour later I wanted to control if my article was accepted and found that it was voted by other writers. And was 6-th from 14!!!!!

Guys, I won!!!

No, the competition is not finished else. But it's not important in this moment. Important is an other thing: the English-speaking writers judge my writing as satisfactory! My second big article in English!


  1. :-))) I'll surely continue. Who knows...

  2. Congratulations! That's great news :O)

  3. Thank you. I try to become more and more brave reading your blog and other english-speaking. So maybe I'll be really brave in some time. ;-)))

  4. You do exceptionally well! A lot of English people can't speak English correctly!

  5. :-)) Maybe you are right, it's for all nations, I think. But I really admire some blogs written in exceptional English. And than I read articles in that site many of them written by teachers and very nice to read.

    As phylologist I love to read good language. :-)


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