Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vesuvius In Snow

As I said, it is unpossible that the temperature remains so high. Even if some plants are flowering and roses have new leaves. And I was right.

I'm not very brave with the seeds and am afraid to sow them when the cold weather can kill young plants.

I bought good seeds in autumn and wanted to have great flowers this year. There are not so many plants that feel good in this mountain-rock frying pan, so I buy what I know will enjoy me. I have this year about 15 or more varieties of Petunia to sow, some varieties of ipomoea and want to try with Dichondra once more. A year ago I had Dichondra in silver color, but this good man, my husband, made it dry when I was in Russia. It is a splendid plant, a real joy of a gardener. Unfortunatelly, I could not find that silver kind of Dichondra. This year only green...

Well, I was right. The last 2-3 days we have polar cold here. About 8°C or maybe less. In the night surely, because this morning the earth was ice-coated. There was even a sort of snow yesterday. It arrived not as snow till the soil, but it was snow. Mountains are not very high near us, about 1130m and they are as they were before today. But Vesuvius is some meters higher, about 1200. So I can demonstraite you what a terrible cold we have here now!


  1. Is it spring over there? Spring is not that cold, I suppose.

  2. We had too warm winter this year. Normally, so cold can be from november till the middle of January.

    Puglia, the eastern part of Italy, will remain without fruits this year. They had just all fruit trees flowering and now all the flowers are freezed. Fortunatelly, our zone is not so warm, the trees do not flower else.

  3. It has finally thawed here, but still too early (and cold) for planting. I can't wait for spring :O)

  4. Oh, you remained just without snow... Sad! It was so beautiful on your photos!


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