Friday, February 06, 2009

TV Journalists As Criminals

There is very strange tendency in Italy. Now I'll try to describe what I'm telling about.
Every journalist is looking for more and more scandalous news, it's clear. If something more or less big happens in one place, all the chanels (6 national) begin to cry about this event day and night for some days at least.
It's enough that it happend, this great nation-wide barking, the event repeats in an other region. Than in an other and so on.

If one mother kills her son, other 10-20 mothers begin to kill their children. (that case was the first I noticed this tendence)
If TV journalists begin to cry about a dog-killer, specially rottwheiler or pit bull, all the big dogs begin to kill humans. And not only dogs, but other animals too.
If it happens that in one school was raped a student, we know that all schools are nothing other than places of violence.

(about an incident
-Tell, tell them, you were so terribly afraid in that moment!!! -No, it was not so, I was not afraid at all. -You had not understand, you WERE terribly afraid!
or other, some days ago
-Or you poor girl, are you going in that slaughterhouse, your school where all the girls are raped!!! -No, it's not true, it's lie, I've even never heard about something like this! -Oh, you see these poor girl is afraid to go in the school!!!)

никакого криминала!
«никакого криминала!» на Яндекс.Фотках

Now there is an other tragedy created by mass-media (excruciating pain of poor parents made entertainment of all Italy):
After an incident happend 17 years ago a girl is in vegetative coma. 17 years, you understand. Her body is alive if drinking and eating with injections. Years and years the father is asking to finish this torture and suspend to maintain her, allow her to die. Some days ago (I don't understood why) the doctors began the procedure to suspend artificial feeding.

Now, it's unpossible to turn on the TV, there is not other thing to speak about.
I understand all ethical pros and contros.
I understand the poor father that did not leave his daughter in an institute as maybe other could do, but remains near her. And sees her in this state. And dies everyday for 17 years. Think a moment, this man completely destroyed his life. Who knows, how many time would she alive if that poor father left her to the state?

It's clear, that many persons make terrible things AFTER they hear about it in TV.
It's clear that this sort of behaviour becomes an epidemic every time it happens.
I don't understand: why the TV journalists are allowed to create all these epidemics? As for me, they have to be treated as criminals for it.


  1. There is so much money to be earned by the media. That's why they do it. Greed!

  2. Yes, money, money, money...
    I don't say about all these catholics (they are catholics here in Italy, no?) that have to know about christian compassion or something like this.
    But we cry so much about ethics, rights etc!

    I'm really suffering for that poor father...

  3. The journalists have no other ideas I suppose.

  4. I think 17years is too long for the doctors to hang on to the girl's life. They should let nature take it's course after trying for some period, but not 17 years and let the poor father live in pain seeing the daughter in that vegetative state.

  5. I just heard a very interesting thing about it, I'll write it now in an other post.


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