Friday, September 14, 2007

Is there a difference: we and Neanderthals? More about Ötzi too

photoThis photo from "the best of StumblwUpon" is very significant, I think.
We hear every day our civilization is so perfect, we are so clever ecc. We think, generation after generation human being is more and more intelligent.

Is it really so?
We are not able to survive now. We left the most important sences. We see only what is for our nose and hear only loud voices. I'm sure, it's not necessary to begin a war to kill all population of cities and towns. Сut off water, electricity and gas and empty all supermarkets. And those who live higher than at the 9-th flor... It's unpossible to immagin what terrible existance is waiting for them in this case.

But if we see inside of our souls, there is not difference between us and Neanderthals.

Do you remember the story of Ötzi, the dead man found in Sud Tirol? Now, I read some news about him. (photo)

The man had an arrowhead lodged in one shoulder. Kriminalists say today: by the position of the body and his left arm is possible to deduct, the enemy of Ötzi came to him to remowe the arrow, than turned the body over. (Ötzi was alive in that moment, he lose consciousness only. With this wund he had to die in different minutes.) What feelings had that man doing it? Are those feelings not the same we have today when we see our beaten enemy ?

One more spicy notice.
There are many women that beleaguer scientists today to have a child from the Similaun Man. (Can you imagin something like this?) And... exams show, it seems, the poor man was sterile. Is this the reason he was banished from his village?

And you say, we are different from the persons that lived on the earth 5300 years ago?


  1. Great stuff! Makes you think, doesn't it? I think, part of our brain will never change. The thesis is, that our brain is only used to 1/7 part of the whole brain capacity. What are the other 6/7 parts for? How many parts of the brain have been used 10 000 years ago? Ötzi seemed to have the same brain we have now.

  2. Dear Angela, I'm happy you like this post. I was really surprized when I read all that notices.
    In my russian blog I wrote about ghosts (oh,I have to write about it here too, it's sooo interesting!!!) and the italian physics said the humans can see only 8% of what is possible to see. And I think that others senses the same.
    Not only. I think,5300 years ago the humans were able to see, to hear more than now, because they could not survive in other case.


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