Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Shroud of Turin

In one of the news-sites I read an euphoric article.
The Shroud of Turin is true!
It's the "photo" of our Saviour!
The dating was not exact and with modern technologies they say that the stuff is from I cent. (maybe -the results will be open at the end of March)!

The very new researches say that the man on the stuff was real.
Blood ( IV (АВ) is of a male that was dead in a consequence of torture ( bilirubin is too high)

Just 3-4 days ago I heard an other notice about an other research.
Scientists studied many texts of the period and pictures of the persons that lived in the same places at the same time when Jesus Christ lived. Those were persons with curly hairs, short cutted. And with short curly bart too. At that time was impossible for a man to have long hair, it was dishonour, say the researchers.

Something like Marcus Aurelius (121-180) on this picture from Wikipedia

In fact, even the tradition to paint Saints in early Middle Ages was so: men with short curly hairs. Long hair comes later, after XIII century, I think.

-Seems I was not right, writting about it. I asked one girl that is specialized in arts and she said me, there were Christs with long hair in Bizantin art in about VI cent. When I have time to control it, I'll ad the results here (see photos in the bottom).

This is mosaic of Christ Pantocrator VI cent. in Ravenna (right)
and Daphni, Greece, ca. 1080-1100 (left) (source Wikipedia)

Saints in S.Pietro a Corte (Salerno) XIII cent.

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The Shroud of Turin


  1. What good is a shroud? What good is Truth? If we are no good.

  2. Maybe so: our nature is inclined to bad more easily than to good behaviour in the confront to other sentient beings. So, we need somebody remembers us the necessity to be good. To not wallow in the bad...

  3. Yes, we need to be reminded from time to time. Thanks for reminding.

  4. :((( I need it more than others... The reminders are those who writes about these things regularly and research them. But all sprts of "testimonials" create only anger ;)))


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