Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Desire To Live

If you follow my posts about gardening, you have seen the great explosion of flowers till this beginning of summer. Now it's time to flower for lilies and I have one survived on my "loving" cures of the last years.

I had 3 of them. I do not like flowers with only one flowering time. But the bulbs have something special and you can not avoid them. So I have today some gladioli and this poor lily. I planted it in this vase some years ago and never changed it or added something. But it grows every year and has hese splendid flowers.


The weather is not hot else and the plant is in a covered position, so it is very high, about 160cm.

But I wanted to tell you about an other poor plant. I have Ipomeas near the door this year. I like this flower and bought special hybrids. The vase is big enough, but the plants were too numerous for it, so, I decided to pull up some of them and to leave only one or two.

A week ago I did it. A WEEK ago. Than I cuted the lover part and wanted to take off the rests some later, when it's possible to see where are the alive tendrils. Here is the proof:

Ипомея, желание жить

Now, look here. One week later the plant is alive and is full of flowers!!! They are very little, but they are so numerous!

Ипомея, желание жить


  1. The lilies are beautiful. I would like to have them in my vase.

  2. I prefere to have the flowers "alive" on their original plant. It's sad to think them just cut from the "base" and be dead.


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