Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Shopping In Cava Dei Tirreni

After different posts dedicated to the main shopping streets of the main cities of Kampania, Italy,
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Shopping In Salerno, Via Vittorio Emmanuele 2
Shopping In Salerno, Via Mercanti 1
Shopping In Naples

I had to add one more town of the Province of Salerno, Cava Dei Tirreni, where I was some days ago. The period between 13 and 17 is holy meal time, specially in the little towns, so you see nobody in the streets on my photos. I had to wait for my husband and went for a walk there. My aim was to eat an ice-cream (most bars are open).

This is the main shopping street. Many residents of our zone think this town is the capital of the existing world and even never visited other towns in their life.

Кава Деи Тиррени

This central part of Cava is really special and interesting. It is the only street I know here, built this way: with 2 lines of porticoes with a vase of ivies under every arch. 'cause the summers are too hot normally, this street is a nice place to stay.

Кава Деи Тиррени

Кава Деи Тиррени

Finally the proof that the dream time is just here:

Кава Деи Тиррени

But you have not be too unsuspecting. Never believe your eyes if you don't know the prices that was in the shop before. (Learn more about other savings options over here) There are cases when the 50% discount is much more higher as the price without discount.


  1. I would like to walk here and window shop!

  2. This street is really nice to walk in.


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