Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How Some Trees Can Grow

When I visited vulcano Solfatara, I was letterally shocked to see some trees growing there.

But I have to begin from the beginning. :-)

They say, there is not rain in the zone of Pozzuoli. I do not understand, is only Nocera the object of all the rains here? It rains by us every day about the 14:00. Every day! So, it was very nice to walk there, in the cratere, pampered by total silence and the nature.

Вулкан Солфатара

In the places you see on these fotos you do not feel the odour of sulphur else. It seems to be paradise. Nobody and nothing. Only you and the nature.

Вулкан Солфатара

Than you come in the place where the cratere is "alive". The steam of sulfure first and the higher and higher temperature do not allow you to forget where you are. Now I want to tell you about the trees that you see in the background of this photo. If you follow the fence in the center, it "shows" you on some trees.

Вулкан Солфатара

Here are they, some eucalipts, I think. Little enough, they are incredible. The place where they live is too hot. It's letterally hard to walk there for temperature and the odour of sulfure.

Вулкан Солфатара

Look here what they do, these trees! The roots are all ON the soil!

Вулкан Солфатара

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