Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morning. Breackfast

Утро. Завтрак

In the morning, at 8, the just hot sun is shining in the window of the kitchen. The mount Caruso seems to be covered by smoke. But it's not so. The hot air creates this illusion. There is not coolness in the morning. And it will be worse when it will not be coolness in the night too. This is the worsest period, worse than November because there is not possibility to find the place where you feel good.

We have "italian breackfast" at the little table in the corridor. Drink milk with coffee and eat a little piece of sweet bun, "cornetto". I count kalories because the last researches say, we eat too many calories. Cornetto kcal 200, milk 89,3 kcal, coffee 0,68 kcal. Well, my breackfast had 300 kcal. I have do anything possible to lose 10 kg. It's terrible, you know... I want to eat ice-creams...

Sincerely, I don't like to buy the industrial foods -and croissants among them- because I don't feel full after I finished to eat. I don't feel products in that food. And it disturbs me.

Now, my task is to maintain this till the evening.
I'm happy! I'm happy to be soooo strainge!!! To have not hunger!

Утро. Завтрак

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