Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Italian boys

This notice repeat now everibody, I think. In Italy -according to official statistic- most young men continue to live with their parents till become old.

40% of men between 30 and 40 years and 70% of those between 20 and 30 in 2007.

What happens?
The statistic says about the loan that remains the same many years when the prices grow incredibly. Holy truth. Many italians, specially in the large cities, have to look among refuses to find something to eat. Some years ago those were only foreigners.

Other problem are too high prices to rent a house, great problem to find employment, price of education.
Sincerely, I don't understand persons, that have children. It's a heroic life -to give them even to eat. And if we began to speak about school ecc... Where I live, there are families where the head of the family could never find a legal job.

These are problems of every country, I think.
My friends from Lithuania say, the prices after they "adopt" euro became 3 times higher.
Here we have prices of bread and milk and similar that become 3 times higher than were 2 month ago.

No, better if I do not begin to think about it. Only some words about statistic.


  1. Living with parents till an old age isn't a very bad idea. It's only bad if the young ones become a parasite. And is it really that bad in Italy?

  2. The situation in the country is really bad. All politicans ecc accept it.

    The reach after euro became extra reach because the normal people can't even buy a piece of bread.

    Excuse me, Footiam, I'm not regular to visit blogs in the last days. I'm ill and feel really very bad. Hope to be back soon.

  3. Do you know that Liudmila I have always thought life is better in Europe than in Asia. After reading your post and also the postal experience in Italy it seems that condition here is better. Get well soon.

  4. Russians say: "Good is there, where we are not" (something like this).

    Before I came to live in Italy I thought, Europe is very civilized and forwarding and Russia is a "communist tyranny" as say many here and there and a "3-d world" country.

    Now I know, that Italy lives in Medieval age as mentality of the persons -Spain and France too- but MY Russia was very modern and forwarding. And European countries had MANY-MANY things to envy to us.

    It doesn't means that I don't like this country, only as a prove -for me- of the proverb I wrote first.
    As said, I think those are different sides of the perfection of the Creation.

  5. It is similar to the Chinese Proverb, 'the foreign moon is rounder'. I am not surprised but if one wants to look for fault, there is one everywhere. Just be thankful, we have ourselves in tact!

  6. You are right, Footiam, I could not understand before, why the negativity of the world around us dipends from the negativity inside us, but it's true.

    Very often persons that have nothing have more happy life as those that have everything.

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  8. Thank you, hope you'll do it. I added your link to my 4 blogs too. In "Interesting blogs to visit".
    Excuse me, I can't type your "code words" that is why I write here.

  9. I am sympathetic with you, I always thought life in Italy is far better compare to my country.In my country, poverty and jobless are high, unfortunately I don't have much power to change it.
    I hope you are well now,sorry I didn't know that you was ill.

  10. Hi, Berry, glad to see you here. You know, I think, there are all sides of life in every country. For some time the line goes up, for some time it goes down. I think, it's the law of the economy in our world today.

    Italy is a beautiful country and I'm fortunate to live where I live because we have everything we need.

    But the economy goes bad here. And many persons suffer it. Specially old persons and many young, that can't find job, can't pay own flat and stay all the life with parents ecc.
    And my husband thinks with horror about the time when he will leave the work, because with his pension is unpossible to survive here.

    And this is the problem of most normal persons.

    Thanks for your good words, I will be brave and turn back soon.


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