Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring flowers in Italy

Do you think, the nature is sleeping and peace covers everything with it's wings in this cold period? You are not right. Spring is just here and the plants are preparing great explosion.

I began to write about spring flowers yesterday, but wanted to continue the tour because I have these nice photos. ;)))

Winter is not normal season for those who comes from north, here. Cold weather is in November and first weeks of January, but the temperature is never under 0°C, very rarely -1° and, they say, there were -5°C this year in the night. Once or twice I've seen snow here on the mountains and over 1000 m in 12 years I live here.

So, you can see wild flowers practically all the year. But the main events begin after that 2 weeks in January.

Very first are Camelies. You can see these trees near many houses. Every tree is full of flowers and there are different colours. Even if I had never seen particular species. Seems that the persons are not very interested to posess them. Different to me. I want always to have very particular plants in my garden.

Here you can find 2 species of Magnolia.
If you go in Russia, in the city named Sotchi, you will remember this plant, this powerful and enormous tree. Sotchi has special perfum of the flowers of magnolia, but not like those that grow in province of Salerno.

This is Magnolia Stellata. I found it in the hystorically true "villa communale" of Salerno.
And the photo under it is Magnolia liliiflora that is very common in this places. These 2 species have their flowers only for very shot period now and then you can see only leaves. That is why I never liked them too much. They are normally in the nacked places covered with dust and you can't see the beauty of the flowers in these conditions.

The other flower had to wait else, it's not it's period, but this year it is in a hurry: mimosa, Acacia dealbata. There is other specie of mimosa here, Mimosa pudica, it flowers in August. I like these plants very much. And they create great shadow in summer.

You see, it's really very special period now here.


  1. Plants are beautiful with or without flowers but I like it when they flowers!

  2. :)))
    Not everybody likes the flowers of spring. My husband doesn't. He has alergy...


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