Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One week without computer

Some friends-bloggers asked me, what is happend that I did not appear in the internet for much time. This is my story.

In the last period I passed too much time near PC. Praticalli all my time I sit here. Try to learn new profession -and do not understand too much about all this modern things. So, all becomes much more complicated and every step is a torture in one sense. And, logically, my eyes and my body are not pleased with me.

Imagin, I had never pass all my time in so empty way.

There were many problems with PC in the last period, maybe you remember it, but this time I could not do anything more and had to leave it to repair. One day was not enough -and so I remained without PC for an entire week.

Oh, my dear God, what a great life is outside this room! What a beautiful world!
I felt as a worker in vacation.
I saw, that there is spring there!
Everything is full of flowers. Even my abandoned garden met me with crocuses and narcisses. Finally I made all the necessary maintainance. The only thing I did not are the seeds. I'm not fortunate with them. But it's necessary to do too.

I read so many books! I did my bön-practices. I began to read even "The Tao of Tai-Chi Chuan", the book I bought about 3-4 months ago, wanted to study it very attentively and could never find time for it.

It was as a song, this life. Va-ca-tion!

Eh, everything good has it's finish...
My happy vacation is finished too.
Today I try to answer all mails ecc, will see if I can to write posts in every blog -and then the normal race will continue.

Thank you al dear friends for your mails and attention!


  1. The flowers are beautiful. It must be a beautiful season in Europe right now. Maybe you shouldn't be too hard on yourself by updating your blog very often. 2 or 3 times a week per blog is already very frequent. This way you can afford some time for yourself. Luckily you don't have growing kids to feed all the time like me. Whatever, try to enjoy life.

  2. Oh! What beautiful Daffodils! People must find time out. Don't wait for the holocaust!

  3. I need a job and have to do everything possible to reach this pick. This is the problem. Unfortunatelly I'm not so young more. Need more time to understand, to make things.

    ;) Nothing bad. The Alzheimer ecc don't like those who learn and don't affect them.


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