Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tibetans in exil

"A depiction of torture methods that are known to be used by the Chinease on Tibetans."
It's difficult to believe that it's true and can happen today, but you can't not believe your eyes... Something like we hear and see about Second World War.

I think, there are not words to describe these picture I copied from collection of pics of the post Tibetan Refugees Paint a Life in Exile in the blog Yak Butter Tea

And this is a video made by european climbers. If you don't see the video, this is the link


  1. Thankyou for using my pictures and for helping to spread the truth, feel free to use them as much as you want. :)

  2. I sent the link to your post to my buddhist friends and monks in all Italy.

    My heart is broken from all the notices I have about mistreatments the poor persons have to live for years and years. Specially the stories about sterilizations of all females without any medical assistance and similar...

    And these pics made by children...
    No, I can't think about it.

  3. I saw some other drawings by the same children. Couldn't help noticing these Tibetan children's drawings were very political. I wonder how these children have been politicized, by the Chinese government, the Tibetans or others? In any case it's sad.

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