Monday, February 11, 2008

Thank you, Fatiah! Patchwork

Some months ago Fatiah from Sew my Name invented to make gifts to first 3 persons that will write comments in her post. As for me, it was not good idea first of all that it means expensive postal taxes. Than it could be better to buy maybe something good for her children. And finally the post in Italy (in this case) is practically unexciting.

But Fatiah wanted to make this experiment... and you can see on this photo that miracles happen in this world from time to time. Today I received the pack. Sincerely, we thought, it will never arrive. Fatiah sent it before Christmas, I think, and today is 11/02.

Thank you, my dear, very-very much! It's a miracle! You. You are a miracle. :)))

Now I wanted you see what a great quality work is this. Patchwork is the name if I don't mistaken. Look at the second photo (click on to enlarge it). Imagine all the engineering calculations need one who wants to do something like this. I don't say you that you have to invent the colours and sew all these little pieces in one. That is why I could never do it. I have not enough patience for this job.

Now you understand why I call it miracle?

Visit Fatiah from Sew my Name if you are interested in handworks. She has always something new there.


  1. I'm so happy that it finally reaches you, after 2 months.At least my effort is not wasted and it reaches in time for your birthday! Probably it takes a trip round the world first. Anyway thanks for your kind words - it is really not difficult to do patchwork.

  2. Maybe it has to walk at feet or on the camels through deserts... :)))


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