Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Silver Is Toxic!

«Серебро» на Яндекс.Фотках

Many years tell us our parents and grandies that silver is a very useful and kills bad bacteria. We have to use it and drink water with it. In fact, the water you take from your church remains good even for years.

I decided to use silver as more as possible too. I have a silver ring, silver earrings, silver bracelet. I bought toothbrushwith silver head and am very content because I feel my teeth clean all the day.

They say, silver is used in many products today. In food, in clothes ecc. Even socks that inhibit odor-causing bacteria and washing machines that disinfect clothes.

But... every overdose is bad -as always.

I read an article written by now
“Because of the increasing use of silver nanoparticles in consumer products, the risk that this material will be released into sewage lines, wastewater treatment facilities, and, eventually, to rivers, streams and lakes is of concern,” said Zhiqiang Hu, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering in MU’s College of Engineering.

“We found that silver nanoparticles are extremely toxic. The nanoparticles destroy the benign species of bacteria that are used for wastewater treatment. It basically halts the reproduction activity of the good bacteria.”
Did you notice that we use to overdose every good thing?


  1. Toothbrush with silver head? I've never seen them here.

  2. Maybe you don't know what to look for. I think it's name is "SilverCare". I buy them in Auchan and Carrefour here.

  3. Why does man always think he can improve on the natural processes. We always go too far and upset the natural balance of things.

  4. You are perfectly right, Beetle, I think it's a deseas of modern times -nothing in a right measure.

  5. Maybe, we should leave nature alone.

  6. Holy words, Footiam... I'm afraid we will.

  7. Carrefour? I'll check out if it's available in the outlet here.

    That's why there's a saying, "Take everything in moderation."

  8. You see? These are women. "Oh it's bad!!! Where do you buy it?" :))) Girls, I love our logic!

  9. I wonder if silver is any more toxic than the tons of plastic we dump every day?

    One silver toothbrush probably won't!

  10. You are right, Terry, I'm back from Naples in this moment (and wanted to opst comments of all of you,my friends) And saw once more mountains of refuses in the streets... I wanted to have my photocamera with me to make the photo of enormous "Euronics" and those mountains for the main entrance of it.

    I think about the toothbrush so too, I have not other silver-adittives in the house, so I decided it will not do bad. :)))


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