Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shopping In Naples

If you know my blogs some time, you will remember my posts about shopping in Salerno
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Shopping In Salerno, Via Vittorio Emmanuele 2
Shopping In Salerno, Via Mercanti 1
where I wrote, inter alia, hat we go for shopping in Naples that offers much more possibilities in sense of diversity of all the items and prices too.

I had to visit Naples last week and took some photos of it's main shopping street.

First of all it's very long. More than 1 km, I think. Maybe much more longer. Here we are at the very beginning. As it is in Salerno, here you find a shop in fast every door or hole.


There are many side streets, big or small, where you will find shops too. All the morning -I'm not sure if it happens every moring- these streets are markets. Some of them remain markets all day long.


Traffic is normally too intense so if you want to come here for shopping, will be better if you leave your car home. Parkings are never free even if it's free. There are always persons that want money if you want to park your car.

The other problem are those motorbikes. They not only do not respect any rules of the traffic generally, but the boys can steel your bag or your necklace, bracelet if they pass near you.


This street is broken in many places. They build Metro. But if you are at feet it's nothing.


And here we are finally at the end of this street. In front of you is New Castel, the most incredible construction of all the city.


Maschio Angioino

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